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We don’t believe that an anti-hero/villain/destructor of the galaxy is purely evil. We really view all of them as the strongest and very, very creative than the superheroes themselves. The most interesting superhero movie is actually solely dependent on how interesting the Villains are. Without them, super heroes are just Clark Kent as a reporter or Peter Parker doing some pointless photography. The best super villains don’t just fight superheroes. They hold up a mirror, presenting a tantalizing and absolutely terrorizing new vision of a super-idea, unleashed. No wonder we love the bad guys so much. (Also, they are often wayyy sexier than the heroes.)

We want to hire the strongest and the most playful set of badasses in our team.

If you think that your mind has a new vision which can harness the ultimate chaos with creativity, let free your thoughts with us. You are allowed to be as fun as you want to be and you will get to do all the stuff that you want to do with no “superhero” to destruct your plan.



Graphic designers are often mocked for their love of obscure fonts, passion for Pantone colours and devotion to their laptops.

We’re a bit like that sometimes, but the real reason why we love graphic designing is how volatile and unrestrained a person can be while designing. There is always an electric unpredictability when our designers are at work, ready to blow up any moment like a live-wire but never in the way we expected. And when they are done, believing in magic is easier as the final results come alive to touch our heart through the screens.

If you have the potential to make boredom look inspirational and make goofy look fierce , reveal your terrifying inner self which was always lurking within you all out on your mac and contact us asap.


  • Abobe Illustrator/ Adobe Photoshop/ Corel Draw experts
  • Should be familiar with design concepts
  • Should be up and about whenever required
  • Should welcome criticism

Feel free to contact us anytime, we are mostly awake.



One of the key factors of marketing includes making our costumers believe in us and our products.  We expect our marketing team to represent us just the way we are to the maximum audience. They should be able to represent us on any platform and take a stand for us in the most dire some conditions.

We want a Loki, who despite his dumb helmet with giant horns can be considered as the most charismatic villain Marvel could ever show us. And what makes Loki so fun is that he is out there, not for good or evil, but simply for himself. Or let’s bring Mystique on board, the blue skinned mutant who has the ability to change her entire appearance and has a crazy history of putting her wit to a good use. These characters exactly know how to represent themselves even while the world was coming to an end. ( Literally )

The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. It solely depends on the marketing strategies held out by our team on how our costumers view us. Do meet us if you think you can make us look ‘cool-er’ than we already are.


  • Communication skills should be on fire
  • Should be intellectual and professional
  • Should be familiar with digital marketing strategies and concepts
  • Should be insanely active on social media ( Instagram and facebook, all the way. )
  • MS Office experts

Give us a call which we won’t be able to hang up.



We want a Peter Parker in our team who can click some amazing moments of our awesome products in action. Our customers should be able to witness the joy of using our products through photographs which can communicate to people across language and culture. They cannot see, touch, or experience the products they want to purchase so the photographs should speak for itself. Our products should look as cool as they are, very accurately and attractively.

Product photography is the most important factor for our viewers in deciding to buy, more important than the shipping cost, customer reviews, or even the price of the item itself. Let’s make it worthwhile for them.


  • Should be creative and have a sharp eye for little details
  • Should be able to use variety of compositions
  • Should be familiar of image editing, Adobe Photoshop, Light Room etc.
  • Can handle new challenges at every angle

Amaze us with the brilliance of our products.

*Mail your action packed CV at careers@humourbaba.com