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For putting a good impression in front of the invigilator what matters the most is your handwriting. What if you don’t have an up to the mark handwriting to leave an impression? What if you have good handwriting but you still feel something is missing?

In many cases your page quality is going to matter the most for the one who is assessing or evaluating your notes. I won’t deny the fact how important your handwriting is going to be to leave an impression but the page quality makes it even better. Many students complain about getting low marks in language even after writing everything but they don’t consider how important the evaluator’s mood is for your marks. To be honest the page quality, the handwriting and even the marks or remarks on your notes will matter but only till you are in school. The role of the notebook cover comes into play mainly when it’s the first day.

First day first class.

Imagine you are going to attend your first class of a new university or same university but with different people. You will surely get strangers sitting next to you and if you can’t get the ice broken what things are going to help you? Yes, your notebook cover can do it.

The cover will reflect your choice and your tastes. If you get the person sitting next to you having any attachment or love for the character you have on your notebook, he/she will surely break the ice. These little things that you ignore sum up to create the first impression. If you fail to get your first impression right, then your chances of making a friend go down. First impression stays longer than you expect, your taste in music, TV series, fictional characters etc. reflect a lot of things about your personality too. People try to make an image of people they meet and the first impression plays an important role.

These days we all have vacations in schools and colleges. The session will start sooner in July and you can utilise this time on shopping for yourself. You don’t have a lot of days remaining before you will have to meet new people and you will make new friends too.

Things to keep in mind while shopping.

While you are shopping new notebooks or something like this you must keep a few points in your mind.

  1. The cover can be the point of discussion so choose the one about which you have enough knowledge. Otherwise you will disappoint people if they start a conversation about what you have on the cover.
  2. You should know that it will reflect your interest and taste.
  3. However, you can take the trending and funny ones also. The trending things on your cover shows how aware you are socially. These things help you a lot to survive in the college.

Notebooks to look for.

One of the most popular covers that you can buy include:

  1. Marvel Superheroes: Marvel comics is one of the big names in the business. The Marvel Universe is really big with a large number of fictional characters. There are billions of fans who like one or more characters from the Marvel Universe. You can buy a notebook having the cover of any Marvel superhero of your choice. The current trending choice can be the Avengers by Marvel because of the release of Infinity War. Characters from the movie are driving people crazy and has led to the increase in number of fan-boys/ fan-girls too.


  1. DC Superheroes: If not Marvel then what people prefer is DC. The DC universe is almost as popular as the Marvel Universe. Both have a tough competition in number of fans and box office collections. The two of the most popular characters from DC are Superman and Batman. The characters alone have more than half the number of fans as the whole DC universe has.


  1. TV series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Sherlock Holmes etc.: Manny college students spend their time watching new and interesting TV series and get attached to them. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. alone has a large number of die-hard fans who can’t even hear a word against the series. It has been one of the most popular TV series. Other than F.R.I.E.N.D.S. there are many more TV series which people enjoy and become a diehard fan, having these in your notebook lets your bench-mate know that you also like the series.



COMICS | 18th May, 18

Beat The Heat With The MARVEL-lous Summer Outfits

By: Humourbaba Blog team

The Sun is too hot this summer with the temperature reaching 40s in some part of the nation and Marvel just released one of the most awaited movies of the year Avengers: Infinity War. So yeah, the summer just got hotter!
This post is for the crazy ass MCU fans who


The first one is none other than the Ironman. Ironman is the most popular and the most loved Marvel character. A grey colored T-shirt with Red print in front is certainly the best you can get. Apart from the supercool looks what makes it even better is that it will reflect sunrays rather than absorbing it. The grey color fights the sun in the way Ironman fought Thanos in Infinity war. This bright colored tee goes well with your blue jeans or black trousers. You can also try wearing it inside a check shirt with buttons open. This grey and red combination is versatile and can be used for different places, you can wear it in college, in outings or wherever you want.

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Marvel T-shirts: Spiderman

The second one is the Spiderman, with the same grey background like the Ironman tee you can get the Spiderman t-shirt. Along with the red, you will also get a little bit of blue color which is bright and the contrast of two colors make it look unique and attractive at the same time.

If you are a Marvel fan and love the grey color as well then you can buy both the T-shirts and you can wear them on different days without explaining anyone that it isn’t the same T-shirt that you wore last time. People are going crazy after the scene in infinity war where Spiderman dies and tells Tony stark a.k.a. the Ironman that he doesn’t want to go. This is going to be a perfect time to buy both the T-shirts. Both will make a pretty good connection like Spiderman and Ironman had in the movie.

If you are more of a Spiderman fan, then you can also go for the Spiderman pocket tee with bright red color and a white colored logo of Spiderman on the left part of the chest. It gives it a classy look. For the people who like simple t-shirts more than those loaded with designs can try this one. It looks decent and goes well with the blue jeans or black trousers which are more common nowadays. Being a bright colored tee it will be really comfortable for the season.

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Marvel T-shirts: Thor

Next on our list is Thor, one of the mightiest superhero in the Marvel Universe. Apart from being the mightiest character, Thor is also considered to be the most handsome too. Thor tee with the red background gives a message of strength and will surely look good on a muscular guy. This tee is generally preferred by guys with a beard. The bright background goes well with the design and allows the T-shirt to be versatile enough for being compatible with your trousers and jeans. It looks cool and is comfortable for the season as well. Finding your favorite superhero along with the features like comfort, color and versatility is a blessing.

Many fanboys spend a lot of time and money finding the tee that suits them. If you are also one of those fanboys looking for a perfect tee which reflects your physique and love for the character, then this one is surely made for you. People are ready to compromise with their comfort when it comes to design and print. But here you don’t have compromise because the color isn’t too dark for the summer and not too light to look cheap. This t-shirt is an optimal one taking care of all that you need out of it.

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Marvel T-shirts: Hulk and Loki

Just like Thor, you can also buy Hulk and Loki tee which looks funny and cool at the same time. The green color in the background showing the dominance of hulk and picturizing Loki in a funny way is a unique concept. Again the green color isn’t too dark so you can wear it comfortably in summers. It might not look that charming with black trousers but with blue jeans, it looks simply amazing. Not many people look good in green but the print increases its compatibility to some other level. The choice of shoes is going to matter a lot with this tee. I will prefer white shoes with blue jeans while trying this one but you can give a shot to other combinations as well. It might not be as versatile as other tees I’ve mentioned above but when it comes to comfort it isn’t any different. The thing associated with Marvel movies is the little comedy that they introduce in movies packed with 80% of the intense action. This tee explains it better and explains Marvel in that way as well.

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Marvel T-shirts: Avengers logo

Avengers Pocket is the next on our list. This tee doesn’t contain any specific Marvel character but holds the Avenger logo on its right chest. The dark blue color gives it a premium classy look. It is highly compatible with all your jeans and trousers. More than the cool look it gives you a classy feel. People who don’t like bulky designer prints can surely buy this one without any second thought. It is versatile and you can wear it almost anywhere you go. People who don’t have a lot of love for Marvel superheroes will also love the design and print of the T-shirt. This one is made for all, including the fanboys too. This one will surely make your collection better and you will love to have it in your wardrobe. When it comes to comfort it might not be the most comfortable one but is still better than the most of the T-shirts made with a black background and bulky prints. It enhances the value of your collection and will be possibly the one that you are going to wear the most due to the high compatibility it offers with your other outfits.

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